Episode 200

Published on:

19th Nov 2023

Torchy the Battery Boy - Pom-Pom and the Toys

The naughty children playing in Mr. Bumble-Drop's garden tie their toys to the kite strings. Suddenly, a strong wind comes along and blows all of the toys away, as well as Mr. Bumble-Drop's poodle, Pom-Pom, who tries to save them. The children blame Bumbledrop and vow never to return, so the lonely old man decides to make a mechanical boy to keep himself company. Four hours later, Torchy springs to life and uses the magic beam on his hat to locate the lost toys on a twinkling star. The next morning, Mr. Bumble-Drop builds a rocket of cardboard, and Torchy flies off to retrieve the lost puppy and toys.

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